Contents, 2001

Volume 13, Numbers 1 & 2

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Alvord White Clements 4   Introduction to “A Civil War Memoir”
Isaac N. Clements 6   A Civil War Memoir
Charles Cameron Cate 335   My Father’s Memoir of World War I
Clifton J. Cate 338   A Soldier’s Memoir of World War I



Samuel Bak


  The Art of Samuel Bak



Paul West 45   By the Waters of Wannsee
Christopher Tomlinson 118   The Lieutenant’s Box
Doug Heckman 162   Rossi’s Girl
Ivan Prashker 174   Van
Joan Fox 186   Angelfire
John Sullivan 212   Ponytail
Mark Burgh 236   Claire de lune
Rob Roensch 262   Veterans’ Day
Robert E. Skinner 269   Labor Day 1973: An Episode of War
Robert MacGowan 277   Two Fictions from The Boatman’s Story
Scott Tinley 287   A Killing Tale



Biljana D. Obradovic' 77   Evil Omens: On the Four Nines’ Day
Bruce Guernsey 79   Two Poems
Carole Boston Weatherford 114   Three Poems
Cynthia Harper 147   Dancing the Tango
Dale Ritterbusch 149   Two Poems
Dana Sonnenschein 152   Two Poems
D.F. Brown 160   Even the Spoon is a Weapon
Elisha Porat 173   To Die at the Springs of El-Hamma
John Gery 203   Five Poems
John Gilgun 208   First War Death
John Struloeff 210   Knee-Deep in the Pacific
Julie Suk 234 La Dolce Vita
Michael Waters 240   Two Poems
Phillip Parotti 243   Radar Contacts off Da Nang
R.G. Cantalupo 244   Stopped at a Light
Vivian Shipley 299   Five Poems
W.D. Ehrhart 313   Sleeping with the Dead

Critical Essay

Carol Acton 87   Dangerous Daughters: American Nurses and Gender Identity in World War One and Vietnam
C. Kenneth Pellow 130   Analogy in Regeneration
John Bowers 192   Bearing Witness to Story: The Before and After in Bruce Weigl’s The Circle of Hanh
William J. Searle 314   Women, Vietnamese, Other: The Depiction of Women in Vietnamese Short Fiction


Personal Essay

Adam McKeown 64   The Story of Jim Day
Bruce Guernsey 82   Digging to America
Dang T. Le 154   Story of my Family
Joseph T. Cox 223   Notes from Ban Me Thuot
R.G. Cantalupo 345   from The Light Where Shadows End



Tran Van Dinh


  The Cleansing Power of Poetry



414   The Holocaust and the Text: Speaking the Unspeakable
417   My Father’s Keeper: Children of Nazi Leaders—An Intimate History of Damage and Denial
419   Vietnam and Other Fantasies
421   Humanity: A Moral History of the Twentieth Century
424   In Harm’s Way: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of its Survivors
427   April 1865: The Month that Saved America
429   Gone for Soldiers
432   The End of the Age of Innocence: Edith Wharton and the First World War
435   Western Warfare, 1775-1882
437   Prince of the Clouds
440   The Yokota Officers Club
443   Air Power: Promise and Reality
446   World Wars Through the Female Gaze
449   Home to War: A History of the Vietnam Veterans’ Movement
451   The Civil War Trilogy: Gods and Generals/The Killer Angels/The Last Full Measure
455   Rise to Rebellion: A Novel of the American Revolution
462   From Bayonet To Scalpel, Book One, A Marine’s Odyssey
458   The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century
460   Foo: A Japanese-American Prisoner of the Rising Sun: The Secret Prison Diary of Frank ‘Foo’ Fujita