Volume 20:1&2
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Special Features

Thomas G. Bowie / War, Literature and the Arts 20th Anniversary Commentary

Teaching Humanities at America’s Military Academies

          Brian Hanley / Why Studying the Literature of War is Important

          Thomas Vargish / War & Literature: A Reciprocity

          Thomas McGuire / War Literature, the Constitution, and Fostering Reluctant Killers

          Donald Anderson / When War Becomes Personal

          Geoffrey Galt Harpham / The Depths of the Heights: Reading Conrad with America’s Soldiers

          Max Despain / Telling True War Stories



The National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum, introduced and selected by Jerry Kykisz



Jan Ellen Spiegel and Will Hochman / Beyond War Poetry: War, Literature and the Heart of a Poet / An Interview with John Balaban



Sean Miller / The Lord’s Work

Joseph Keith Kreidel / The Colors of Redemption

Laura Hope-Gill / Psalm 51

Andrea Lewis / Accelerated Biology


Book Excerpt



Tony Thang Nguyen / In Desperation



Andrew J. Kenney / "Hey Man, How's Life?"

John Balaban / Four Poems

Chuck Rybak / Purple Heart

John Kay / Two Poems

Marilyn Kallet / A Feast for Dogs and Birds

Jehanne Dubrow / Argos

James Deahl / Clay Jars

R. S. Carlson / Supply Run

Lisa Siedlarz / Enduring Freedom

Edward McCrorie / Four Poems

Yahya Frederickson / Keeping My Father

Jeffery C. Alfier / Mansfield Avenue

Tom Sheehan / The Municipal Subterranean

Joseph T. Cox / Second Tour

R. K. Johnston / Earth’s Next Era—The Age of Loneliness

William Childress / Wondering How James Dickey Died


Critical Essay

William V. Davis / “Good Luck in Cracked Italian”: Richard Hugo in Italy

John Griswold / “Praise to Those Still Coming Through On Song”: An Appreciation of John Balaban

Thomas Vargish / The Authority of Crises

Matthew Teorey / Unmasking the Gentleman Soldier in the Memoirs of Two Cross-Dressing Female U.S. Civil War Soldiers

Tracy L. Strauss / Trauma’s Dialectic in Civil War Literature and Film

Ann Elias / War and the visual language of flowers: an antipodean perspective

Robert Blaskiewicz / James Jones on Guadalcanal

Verner D. Mitchell / A Family Answers the Call: Anita Scott Coleman, Literature, and War


Personal Essay

Constantine Evans / Legacy



James Gleason Bishop / “she whose eyes are open forever”: Does Protest Poetry Matter?

W. D. Ehrhart / Words for John Balaban

Thomas C. Ware / Fiction Still Fights the Civil War: “It Ain’t Over Though It’s Over”


Recall Roster


Editor’s Choice

Donald Anderson / Soldier Talk