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Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 1989

Critical Essay

  • Correspondent Visions of Vietnam by Mark A. Heberle

  • The Search for Closure: Vietnam War Literature and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Charles J. Gaspar

  • War and Festivity in Gravity’s Rainbow by Christopher Ames

  • Thomas Mann’s Wartime Reflections by James Seaton

  • Hastings and Roland: The Triumph of the Mounted Knight by Michael C.C. Adams

  • Grain and Glory: Eating Practices in Homer’s Iliad by Michele M. Sordi

Volume 1, Number 2, 1989-90

Critical Essay 

  • The Black Soldier in Vietnam War Literature and Film by Perry D. Luckett

  • Joseph Heller’s “ ‘Catch-22’ Revisited” by David M. Craig

  • Warrior-Bishops in La Chanson de Roland and Poema de mio by Earl R. Anderson

  • Vietnam War Literature: a guide to resources at Colorado State University by John Newman and Julie Wessling


  • Barcelona by Alfred Kern

Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 1990

Critical Essay 

  • Sacrifice and Dehumanization in Plievier’s Stalingrad  by Joan F. Adkins

  • Historical Interpretation or Ambush Journalism?  CBS vs Westmoreland in The Uncounted Enemy: A Vietnam Deception (1982) by Peter C. Rollins

  • Randall Jarrell’s Poetry of Aerial Warfare  by Alex A. Vardamis

Volume 2, Number 2, Fall 1990

Critical Essay 

  • Oliver Stone’s Film Adaptation of Born on the Fourth of July: Redefining Masculine Heroism by Don Kunz

  • The Germans are Coming! British Fiction of a German Invasion 1871-1913 by Joseph S. Meisel  


  • The Artist and the Holocaust by Roger Preston

Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 1991

Critical Essay 

  • A Walk Through History: Tim O’Brien’s Going After Cacciato by James Griffith

  • Signifying the Wasteland: Selling the “Falklands War” by Kevin D. Foster

  • Desire Satisfied: War and Love in The Heat of the Day and Moon Tiger by Thomas Dukes


  • Watershed  by Robert Morgan

Volume 3, Number 2, Spring 1991

Personal Essay 

  • Memoirs of Six Months by E.P. Motley

Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 1992

Critical Essay 

  • The Memoirs of Pierre Pouchot: A Soldier’s View of a Doomed Campaign by Michael Cardy

  • Severed Ears: An Image of the Vietnam War by Constance A. Brown

  • The Narrative Technique Used by Goethe to Portray War in the “Campaign in France” by Steven Kaplan


  • Cabrini’s Run—‘71 by R.S. Carlson

Volume 4, Number 2, Fall/Winter 1992

Critical Essay 

  • The Foe in Sight: Discovering the Enemy in Donne’s Elegie XIX by Cheryl A. Shell

  • Sisters in Arms by Donna Connolly


  • “Guernica” by Crystal M. Jonas  


  • Lines and Shadows by Anne Wells Ladow


  • from Between Bombardments by Karen Alkalay-Gut

Volume 5, Number 1, Spring/Summer 1993

Critical Essay 

  • John Huston’s The Battle of San Pietro by Greg Garrett

  • Literary Resources of the Vietnam War by John S. Baky


  • “I’ll Have to go Down to Hell First”: A Saipanese WWII Veteran Recalls the War by Elizabeth Drumwright


  • Ghazals by G. S. Sharat Chandra

  • To Send Forth by Joseph T. Cox  


  • Collier’s Magazine: Preview Of The War We Do Not Want by John Morano

  • Avoiding Nostalgia: James Michener’s The Bridge at Andau by Anthony Arthur

Volume 5, Number 2, Fall/Winter 1993

Critical Essay 

  • “Glamorous Melancholy”: R. C. Sherriff’s Journey’s End by Steven Trout

  • An I for an eye: Edmund Blunden’s War  by Thomas G. Bowie, Jr.

  • Whitsun and Beyond: Continuing the Great War by Elizabeth A. Muenger


  • Not Always Located in Nicaragua  by Will Hochman


  • Reflections on the Great War by Tom F. Baldy

  • Writing about Flying: A Pilot’s View by John Clark Pratt

Volume 6, Number 1, Spring/Summer 1994

Critical Essay 

  • The Atomic Test Poems of Paul Zimmer by John Gery

  • Military Machines and Nuclear Accident: Burdick and Wheeler’s Fail-Safe by David Seed

  • Artistic Truth, Historical Truth: The “Fraction” Film and the Falklands War by Paul MacKenzie


  • The Life of a Bomber Co-Pilot by David M. Mazurowski

  • Love in the Trenches: Images of Woman in Mailer’s The Naked and the Dead by Sheryl A. Mylan

Volume 6, Number 2, Fall/Winter 1994

Critical Essay 

  • From Avignon to Catch-22 by David M. Craig


  • Responsibly Inventing History: An Interview with Tim O’Brien by Brian C. McNerney


  • Mostly Nothing Happens by W.D. Ehrhart

  • All She Can Eat by Andrew Benson


  • Missing Pieces: Versions and Visions of Vietnam POW/MIA in American Culture by Philip K. Jason

  • Representations of the Resistance in World War II France by Rosemary P-Z Clark

Volume 7, Number 1, Spring/Summer 1995

Critical Essay 

  • Ambrose Bierce on the Construction of Military History by Michael W. Schaefer

  • The Wars Within the War in La Guerre, Yes Sir! by Richard W. Lemp

  • The Eyewitness Narrator in Hemingway’s Collier’s Dispatches and “Black Ass at the Cross Roads” by James H. Meredith


  • Mothers by Jerome Mandel

  • Reality by Julio Escoto (translated by Clark M. Zlotchew)


  • Miles Standish Forest, Plymouth, Mass, 1934 by Joseph T. Cox


  • Hang the Enola Gay by Alfred Kern

Volume 7, Number 2, Fall/Winter 1995

Personal Essay 

  • A Boatman’s Story  by Robert MacGowan

  • Shadow Warrior  by Donald Clay


  • Serpent Knowledge by Robert Pinsky

  • Alms for the Burned  by David A. Willson

  • A Century  by Daniel Tobin

  • Shaman  by Joseph T. Cox


  • McNamara’s Makeshift Amends  by Donald Anderson

  • Achilles in Vietnam  by Brian Hanley


  • Falling in Love  by Andre Dubus

  • from Vows and Infidelities  by Alfred Kern

Volume 8, Number 1, Spring/Summer 1996

Critical Essay 

  • Fatal Symbiosis: Modernism and World War I by Milton A. Cohen

  • George Gascoigne and The Spoyle of Antwerpe (1576) by William E. Sheidley

  • Thomas Wolfe and the Civil War by Thomas Bonner, Jr.

  • Writing War: John Dos Passos’ One Man’s Initiation by Stephen C. Enniss


  • Before Wars by Wendy Bishop


  • LOCKE-HAVEN AT LARGE by Charles Clerc

Volume 8, Number 2, Fall/Winter 1996

Special Feature 

  • Selected Work by W.D. Ehrhart: The Summer I Learned to Dance (personal essay),  I Drink my Coffee Black (fiction), The Sergeant (poetry),  A Bibliography

Critical Essay 

  • Against a Coming Extinction: W.D. Ehrhart and the Envolving Canon of Vietnam Veteran’s Poetry  by Lorrie Smith

  • Tim O’Brien’s Re-imagination of Reality: An Exercise in Metafiction by John Clark Pratt


  • Darkness Carried: W.D. Ehrhart’s Memoirs  by Donald Anderson

  • “Everyday I’m always on patrol”: Bill Ehrhart’s Journey Home by Thomas G. Bowie, Jr.


  • Tryolean Vacation  by Karen Alkalay-Gut

  • Langour  by H. Palmer Hall

  • Hospital Visit  by H. Palmer Hall

  • The Vietnam Vet Plays Gyruss  by Vince Gotera

  • Gulf War Haiku  by Vince Gotera

  • The Bomb  by Ed Meek

  • Duty  by Ed Meek

  • For Lewis B. Puller, Jr.  by Maggie Jaffe


  • Echoes  by Don Kunz

  • from The Second Tour  by Terry P. Rizzuti

  • Point Man  by Allen Learst


  • Reading, Writing, and Going to War: An interview with Clyde Edgerton  by Christopher D. Campbell

  • A Conversation with W.D. Ehrhart by Donald Anderson and Thomas G. Bowie, Jr.

Volume 9, Number 1, Spring/Summer 1997 
Guest Editor, James H. Meredith 
Senior Guest Copy Editor, Kathi A. Vosevich

Critical Essay 

  • Flying the Old Marauder Over Nazi Germany by Jim Colvert

  • Patriotism and Treason in A Farewell to Arms by George Monteiro

  • Nick Adams and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by Ronald Smith

  • The Progress of Patriotism and Biography: The Battle of Trafalgar in Southey’s The Life of Nelson by H. George Hahn

  • Fact, Fable, and the Fantastic: Approaches to the Novel of War in the Francophone Literature of Algeria by Sara Poole

  • “Whatever Else, I’d Loved It There Too”: Persuasive Strategy in Michael Herr’s Dispatches by Douglas Sun

  • The Bernard Fall Archives at the John F. Kennedy Library, Boston, MA by Leslie Holland

  • Healing the Soldier in White: Ceremony as War Novel by John Getz

  • Blackness and the Unmanning of America in Dave Rabe’s Streamers  by Owen Brady


  • Classics Revisited: Ambrose Bierce’s “Chickamauga”  with Introduction by James Hughes Meredith


  • Conversion by Paul Elisha

  • Killing Time in Bosnia by Paul Elisha

  • Paradox by Paul Elisha

  • Remembering Leyte: “D” Day Quintennial-June 6, 1995 by Paul Elisha

  • not about war by Tony Moffeit

  • Degenerated Art Show 1937 by Maggie Jaffe

Volume 9, Number 2, Fall/Winter 1997
Guest Editor, W.D. Ehrhart

Special Focus Issue 

  • I Remember: Soldier-Poets of the Korean War

  • Foreword and Introductory Essay by W. D. Ehrhart

The Poets and the Poetr

  • William Childress, Rolando Hinojosa, James Magner, Jr., Reg Saner, William Wantling, Keith Wilson

Volume 10, Number 1, Spring/Summer 1998 
Guest Editor, Mark S. Braley

Special Feature 

  • Richard Wilbur’s World War II Poetry by David Haven Blake, Special Feature Editor

  • Richard Wilbur: An Interview by Joseph T. Cox

  • Italy: Maine by Richard Wilbur

  • Richard Wilbur’s Early Writing: Amherst College and World War II by John Lancaster and Jack W. C. Hagstrom

  • “Versifying in Earnest”: Richard Wilbur’s War and His Poetry by Joseph T. Cox  

  • Mind and World in Richard Wilbur’s War Poetry by Jewel Spears Brooker  


  • The Colonel by Carolyn Forché  

  • Lie #5: That Babe Ruth Pointed Out That Famous Homer by John Gery

  • On the News of Our Foreign Intervention by John Gery

  • A State of Grace in Another War Zone  by Tia Ballantine  

  • Dien Bien Phu by Bill Lantry  

  • Clueless in Paradise by Rachel Loden

  • Etudes  by Halvard Johnson

  • American’s Playing Slow-Pitch Softball at an Airbase Near Kunsan, South Korea by Halvard Johnson

  • End of a Century by Ana Doina

  • Footnote and Detail by R. S. Carlson

  • Brian Explains His Anniversary by Beth Simon

  • Verdun by Daryl Bach

  • Women on Her Way to Market Colin Morton

  • Entering War, Being Literal by Gwyn McVay


  • “The Camera is a Shield”: John Hoagland, Combat Photographer by Maggie Jaffe  

  • Photography by John Hoagland

Special Feature 

  • A Conversation with Paul West by Thomas G. McGuire, Special Feature Editor

  • Three Fictions by Paul West

  • The Face(s) of War in Paul West’s Fiction by Thomas G. McGuire

Critical Essay 

  • Accommodation and Resistance in Lt. Henry Ossian Flipper’s The Colored Cadet at West Point (1878) by Verner D. Mitchell

  • When Hamlet Meets the Bomb: The Poetry and Criticism of John Gery by Don Zimmerman  

  • The French Connection or How “Figaro” Saved the American Revolution by Ann Reagan

  • Depicting the Oblique: Emily Dickinson’s Poetic ResponseTo the American Civil War by Paul R. Cappucci

Personal Essay 

  • A-Bomb, a recollection by Jessie Gatlin

  • Public Information, a memoir by William R. Weir


  • Missing by Don Kunz

Recall Roster 

  • Mary Borden, The Forbidden Zone, published in 1929, by D. A. Boxwell  

Volume 10, Number 2, Fall/Winter 1998 
Guest Editor, Thomas G. Bowie, Jr.


  • This Thing Called Vietnam by Thomas G. Bowie, Jr.

Special Feature 

  • Remembering Tet: A Conversation with Vietnam War Veteran Poets by Verner D. Mitchell

War, Poetry, & Ethics: A Symposium 

  • Yusuf Komunyakaa, D. F. Brown, W. D. Ehrhart, Dale Ritterbusch, John Balaban, John Clark Pratt, and Kali Tal, Moderator


  • Poem Still Burning: A note for “The Teeth Mother Naked at Last” by Robert Bly by Will Hochman

  • The Teeth Mother Naked at Last by Robert Bly

  • “I Sing of Arms and the Man” introductory essay by Philip Appleman

  • Five Poems, from Open Doorways by Philip Appleman


  • A Different Species of Time, introductory essay by John Wolfe

  • Artwork by John Wolfe

Critical Essay 

  • War, Memory, Imagination by Donald Anderson

  • Humanities at the Hanoi Hilton by Alfred Kern

  • Pentagon Princess and Wayward Sister: Vietnam POW Wives in American Literature by Maureen Ryan  

  • Surviving the Hanoi Hilton by Elizabeth A. Muenger

  • “He’s not my son anymore!”: The Returning Veteran in Robert Bausch’s On the Way Home by Catherine Calloway

  • A Lotus of Everlasting Fragrance: Nguyen Trai, 1380-1442  by Tran Van Dinh

  • Dissident Voices: The NVA Experience in Novels by Vietnamese by William J. Searle

  • Bringing the War Home to the “Holler”: Teaching Vietnam for “Core” and Country by Edward F. Palm

  • Conversation Across a Century: The War Stories of Ambrose Bierce and Tim O’Brien by Christopher D. Campbell

  • The Things They Carried as Composite Novel by Farrell O’Gorman

Personal Essay 

  • Epiphany in Memphis by Jeff Loeb


  • from Show Time by Terry P. Rizzuti

  • from The Indochina Safari by Robert MacGowan


  • Bound by Honor, introductory essay by Jack M. Shuttleworth

  • A Conversation with Fredrick Kiley, co-author of Honor Bound: American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973 by Jack M. Shuttleworth

Volume 11, Number 1, Spring/Summer 1999 
Guest Editor, D.A. Boxwell


  • “The Middle Generation” of American Poetry: Wars in the Private and Public Realms by D.A. Boxwell

Special Feature 

  • The Middle Generation and WWII: Jarrell, Shapiro, Brooks, Bishop, Lowell by Steven Gould Axelrod

  • Randall Jarrell’s War by Lorrie Goldensohn

  • Wars Civil and Uncivil: Family, Culture, and the Child in Lowell’s Poetry  by Thomas Travisano

  • Elizabeth Bishop and World War I  by Sandra Barry

  • “Blinking My Flashlight Off and On”: Elizabeth Bishop’s Internal Battlefield  by Gary Fountain  

  • Washington DC, 1949-1950: Bishop on WWII and The Cold War  by Camille Roman

  • Poets On The Bomb  by George Monteiro


  • The Welcome  by Robert Morgan


  • Soliloquy: An American Bride Remembers Japan  by Wendy Bishop

  • V-Mail  by Wendy Bishop

  • Souvenirs by Wendy Bishop

  • The Collector  by H. Palmer Hall

  • Had We A History  by H. Palmer Hall

  • Why I Am Not A Saint  by Jennifer Wheelock

  • Where The Tune Was Going  by Paul Woodruff

  • The Seventh Wave  by Keith Wilson

  • Archeology  by Ana Doina

  • Hate  by Marianne Poloskey

  • Buildings  by Marianne Poloskey

  • Glenn Miller Was Missing  by Jacqueline St. Joan

  • Paratroopers’ Night Out by William Childress

Critical Essay 

  • Advancing in Another Direction: The Comic Book and The Korean War  by D. Melissa Hilbish

  • Telling the “Truth” about Vietnam: Episteme and Narrative Structure in The Green Berets and The Things They Carried  by Jon Volkmer

  • Challenging the Law of Courage and Heroic Identification in Tim O’Brien’s If I Die in a Combat Zone and The Things They Carried  by Carl S. Horner

  • Vietnam War Narratives and Myth of the Hero  by R.J. Fertel

  • The Limits of Irony: The Chronillogical World of Martin Amis’ Time’s Arrow  by Dermot McCarthy


  • Dereliction of Duty or the Wrong War?: Learning the Lessons of Vietnam  by Thomas G. Bowie, Jr.

Special Edition 1999: Stephen Crane in War and Peace
Guest Editor, James H. Meredith


  • Stephen Crane in War and Peace, introductory essay by James H. Meredith and Patrick K.  

Critical Essay

  • Two Cranes, Two Henrys  by Christopher Benfey

  • Stephen Crane & Richard Harding Davis—An Unlikely Friendship  by David Traxel

  • Visions of War and Versions of Manhood  by John Clendenning

  • Unreal War in The Red Badge of Courage  by James B. Colvert

  • Experience and Imagination: Confluence in the War Fiction of Stephen Crane and Ambrose Bierce  by Thomas Bonner, Jr.  

  • A Red Badge Signifying Nothing: Henry Fleming’s Corporate Self  by John C. Orr

  • The Red Badge of Courage under British Spotlights  by Benjamin F. Fisher

  • Catastrophe Theory and Character Transformation in The Red Badge of Courage  by Donald Vanouse  

  • “The Gilded Images of Memory”: The Red Badge of Courage and “The Veteran”  by Randal W. Allred

  •  “A Wound Gives Strange Dignity To Him Who Bears It”: Stephen Crane’s Metaphysics of Experience  by Patrick K. Dooley

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  • “The Subtle Battle Brotherhood”: The Construction of Military Discipline in The Red Badge of Courage  by Robert M. Myers

  • The Color of War: A Computer Analysis of Color in The Red Badge of Courage  by William E. Newmiller  

  • Humor and Insight through Fallacy in Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage  by Jacqueline Tavernier-Courbin

  • Stephen Crane’s Other War Masterpiece  by Michael Robertson

  • “The Pace of Youth” and the Phantoms of Hope by Holger Kersten

  • Modern Pictures of War in Stephen Crane’s Short Stories  by Thomas A. Gullason

  • John Hersey’s Guadalcanal Report: Drawing on Crane’s War  by George Monteiro  

  • Life During Wartime—and After: Thoughts on Stephen Crane’s Spitzbergen Tales  by Michael Schaefer

  • Nora Black and The New Woman in Active Service  by Charlotte Rich

  • Stephen Crane’s Images of War in Fiction and Nonfiction  by Patricia I. Heilman

  • Stephen Crane: An Updated Annotated Bibliography of Secondary Scholarship  by Patrick K. Dooley  

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