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Table of Contents 

Volume 28, 2016 



Donald Anderson / Take a Message to Rumsfeld



Alex Kershaw / The 10th Annual David L. Jannetta Distinguished Lecture in War, Literature & the Arts


Mike McCallister / A Death in Nicaragua

Barrett Bowlin / As Is

Martin Naparsteck / Before Going to War

Johnathan Burgess / Chai Party

Bobby Briggs / Service with a Smile

Jeff Loeb /Measuring the Seasons



Nazli Artemia / The Unicorn Story without an Ending

Devin Murphy / How We Disappear


Sean Purio / Tongues, Tables, and Ears: A Conversation with John Guzlowski



Nicola Brooke / The Art of the Interview : Svetlana Alexievich’s Zinky Boys

Sean Purio / Crossings and Connections: A Conversation with Elliot Ackerman



Colin Halloran / Visual Art as Text: a conversation with WLA’s Art Director Brandon Lingle

Ben Brody / Foreverstan: The Drawdown



Juleigh Howard-Hobson / After the Whizbang 1917

Jehanne Dubrow / Three Poems Diana

Lynn Fesko / 1968 Windsor Hotel Bangkok Death Valley

Dale Ritterbusch / Two Poems

MK Sukach / Raising the Dogs of War

Farzana Marie / Sonless
Cindy Veach / At the Wall
Randy Brown / fighting seasons
Christopher Mahon / Poets for Peace
David Bublitz / Combat Pay
Corey Thrasher / What Strength
Brad Kavo / Silencing Khe Sanh
Allen Stein / Henry Fleming’s Faded Red Badge Michael Estabrook / Heaven and Earth
Elizabeth Crowell / Books in Cottages
Alex Walsh / Two Poems
Lisa Gray Fisher / A Walk in the Park
Joshua Barnett / Black Jack
Benjamin Goluboff / Ho Chi Minh’s Sense of Humor Lawrence W. Sharp / Poets at War
W.D. Ehrhart / Praying at the Altar
Stephen Cloud / Minor Incidents of War
Chad Grasmuck / Oral Tradition

John Buquoi / Two Poems
Beth Bachmann / Two Poems
Michael Bernicchi / Paper Dunes
Robert Hedin / Two Poems
Chris Herlinger / Mourning General Giap
Liz Solms / Undergarments

Steven Moore / Of Creativity
Sue Newcomb Mowrer / How Hiram Really Died and What Came After
Thomas O’Grady / The Things He Carried: An Irish Private in the 
King’s (Liverpool) Regiment
Ken Hruby / Dancing and Fighting



Travis Martin / "Working Through" Societal Trauma in The Last Flight, Heroes for Sale, and All Quiet on the Western Front

James Byrne / Seamus Heaney, Francisco Goya, and Unveiling the Myth of History

Jonathan Lighter / Michael Herr’s Lurp Tale
Ezekiel Black / Troubling Glory: The Uncertain Language Shift of World War I Maureen Ryan / Intra Species Communication: Memory, Story-Telling, and Football in American Fiction of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

Myra Mendible / Saving Face: Humiliation, Shame, and the Affective Economy of War
Jonathan Jones / Strangers in the World of the Emotions: Re-evaluating 
L.P. Hartley’s The Go-Between
Christina Jarvis / Displaced Trauma and the Legacies of the Vietnam 
War in Hocus Pocus
Tim Wenzell / Literary Conscientious Objector: e.e. cummings and The Great War
Shane Emplaincourt / Un long dimanche de fiançailles and 
Remembering la Somme 1916
Steve Lukits / “They that have power to hurt but will do none”: Lying in 
the Literature of the Great War
Jeff Morgan / Hemingway and the Cuban Revolution: For Whom the 
Bell Tolls
on the Sierra Maestra
Cristina Pividori / Searching for the Happy Battalion in Times of Crisis: Fraternal Friendships and the Heroic in the Great War Memoirs of Guy Chapman and Charles Carrington

Shabnam Piaryaei / The Victory Belongs to Love

Tyrell Mayfield / Reflections on Redeployment
Alex Vernon / Field Notes on The Things They Carried
James Gleason Bishop / Grandpa Goes to War
Jessica Hellmann / High Skies and Fat Horses

Jesse Goolsby / A Group Conversation with Veteran Artists David Abrams, Jerri Bell, Brian Castner, and Colin Halloran 
Haley Michael Hasik & Eric L. Gruver / Warrior for Freedom and Souls: Navigator, POW, Minister
Dale Ritterbusch / A Conversation with Jane Irish
Megan Kahn / Veteran Homecoming Stories: A conversation with Justin Hudnall



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