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Table of Contents 

Volume 30, 2018 




Donald Anderson / The Arrogance of Firepower

Jonathan McGregor / "Between history and a hard place": D. F. Brown's Ghost of a Person Passing in Front of the Flag and Benjamin Hertwig's Slow War

Ross Gresham / Robert Olen Butler's Perfume River

H. Spencer Beaumont / Art as Revolutionary Propaganda in David’s The Death of Maret
Oscar Mardell / Greener Pastures
Jeff Sychterz / Poetry, the Iraq War, and the Ethics of Trauma
Jason A. Higgins / Through “Star-Spangled Eyes”: Fortunate Son and the Problem of Resolution
Guilherme Meyer / Enabling Impossibility
Paul Petrovic / Beyond Appropriation: Arab, Coptic American, and Persian Subjectivities in Brian Turner’ s Here Bullet, Phil Klay’s Redeployment, and Elliot Ackerman’s Green on Blue
Shane A. Emplaincourt / La Chambre des officiers and Recapturing the Evanescent Memory of the
Great War’s Gravely Disfigured

James Austin Everbeck / Gold Stars on Bleeding Scars: The Cult of the Veteran vs the Cost of War
in Fallon’s You Know When the Men Are Gone

Charles Hunter Joplin / The Poet’s Corpus: Meter, Memory, and Monumentality in Wilfred Owen’s “The Show”


Brandon Lingle / Messages without Writing: A conversation with Atiqullah Shahid


Benjamin Woodside Schrier / Bohemian Roulette
Brian O’Hare / Nothing Earth Shattering
Ramiro Hinojosa / Field Manual
Holly Auten / Collision
Joseph Bathanti / The Crescent
Katherine Schifani / The Breath of Allah


Russell Halvorsen / Cold, Cold Water


Veronica Schuder / Two Poems
Paul Z. Panish / Pines—Fort Lee, Virginia
Amy Lynn Reifsnyder / Me and the Marine
James F. Connolly / The Tet Offensive
Nels Hanson / Two Poems
Rawdon Tomlinson / “Post traumatic growth”: With My Brother on the North fork of the Red River
Wanda Frazier / In the Zone
Olivia Garard / Good Kill
Hugh Martin / Two poems
Norvin Dickerson / Two Poems
Marissa Glover / Three Poems
Jeremy Grant / Leave-Taking
Marsha Mathews/ Strategic Survival
Tobi Alfier / Everybody Rides Lady Geraldine
Joon K. Shim / i walk to stay aliv
Newt Ronan / Two Poems
Ed Meek / Powder Blue
Robert Pawlak / Hypnos and Thanatos
Michael Casey / JJ Visits
the Hooch
Jeffrey Alfier / Tripoli
s.g.t. grasmuck / Three Poems Robert Hedin / Lakehurst, 1937 Peter Venable / Enough
Jordan Nate / Shells from Oversea Dale Ritterbusch / Where We Are
Svetlan Beggs / She-Child, Stalingrad, 1942 Alex Vartan Gubbins / A Rainy Veteran’s Day



Matthew Sarda / Waiting and the Intermediary: A Conversation with Elliot Ackerman

Nicole Jerr / A Conversation with Suzan-Lori Parks


Lana Spendl / No Firm Ground
Tad Tuleja / Brotherhood of the Sea: A Sailor’s Code
Alisha Erin Hillam / Golden Acorn

Kenneth R. Timmerman / Hungry Guns, Exploding Cats Clayton Bradshaw / Five-Sentence Biography
Pat Gault / Edible Plants of Alaska
Élie Paul Cohen (translated by Jessica Levine) / Army Doc: Mission Afghanistan Patrick Mondaca / Allawi
Jeffrey Loeb / Resurrection
Dianna Marie Cannizzo / The Land of the VA

Krystal Mcguiness / Laren McC lung’s Inheriting the War

David M. Jorgenson / Cavorting with War

FILM REVIEWS by Jonathan Lighter

Land of Mine

The Zookeeper's Wife

Dunkirk (2017) and Dunkirk (1958)

Journey's End

BOOK REVIEWS by Samantha L. Solomon / David A. Rennie / Matthew Stewart
The Vest Pocket Kodak & the First World War by Jon Cooksey

Points of Honor: Short Stories of the Great War by a US Combat Marine by Thomas Boyd
Men at War: What Fiction Tells Us About Conflict, from Iliad to Catch-22 by Christopher Coker

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