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John Huston's The Battle of San Pietro

Greg Garrett

To Send Forth (poem)

Joseph T. Cox

Literary Resources of the Vietnam War

John S. Baky

"I'll Have to Go Down to Hell First" (interview)

A Saipanese WWII Veteran Recalls the War

Elizabeth Drumwright

Ghazales (poem)

G. S. Sharat Chandra

War Memorials: From Antiquity to the Present by Alan Borg

A Wing and a Prayer: The "Bloody 100th" Bomb Group of the U.S. Eighth Air Force in Action over Europe in World War II by Harry H. Crosby

Captain Hook: A Pilot's Tragedy and Triumph in the Vietnam War by Captain Wynn F. Foster

Countdown! 35 Daylight Missions Against Nazi Germany by Fred Koger

Book Reviews by Matthew C. Stewart, Douglas Foster, Patricia L. Skarda & Lawrence Clayton 

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