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Responsibly Inventing History: An Interview with Tim O'Brien

Brian C. McNerney

From Avignon to Catch-22

David M. Craig

Mostly Nothing Happens

W. D. Ehrhart

All She Can Eat (poem)

Andrew Benson

Representations of the Resistance in World War II France

Rosemary P-Z Clark

Book Reviews

M.I.A. or Mythmaking in America by H. Bruce Franklin

Prisoners of Culture: Representing the Vietnam POW by Elliott Gruner

Voices of the Vietnam POWs: Witnesses to Their Fight by Craig Howes

US by Wayne Karlin

Philip K. Jason

Receptions of War: Vietnam in American Culture by Andrew Martin

Matthew C. Stewart

Tower of Secrets: A Real Life Spy Thriller by Victor Sheymov

Lori Davis Perry

Wilfred Owen's Voices: Language and Community by Douglas Kerr

The Great War and the Missing Muse: The Early Writings of Robert Graves
and Siegfried Sassoon by Patrick J. Quinn

Steven Trout

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