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Special Feature: Selected Works by W.D. Ehrhart

W.D. Ehrhart

Against a Coming Extinction: W.D. Ehrhart and the Evolving Canon of Vietnam Veteran's Poetry (essay)

Lorrie Smith

Darkness Carried: W.D. Ehrhart's Memoirs (commentary)

Donald Anderson

"Every day I'm always on patrol": Bill Ehrhart's Journey Home

Thomas G. Bowie, Jr.

Tyrolean Vacation (poetry)

Karen Alkalay-Gut

Langour Hospital Visit

H. Palmer Hall

The Vietnam Vet Plays Gyruss Gulf War Haiku

Vince Gotera

The Bomb Duty

Ed Meek

For Lewis B. Puller, Jr. 

Maggie Jaffe

Echoes (fiction)

Don Kunz

from The Second Tour

Terry P. Rizzuti

Point Man

Allen Learst

Tim O'Brien's Reimagination of Reality: An Exercise in Metafiction

John Clark Pratt

Reading, Writing, and Going to War: An Interview with Clyde Edgerton (interview)

Christopher D. Campbell

Book Reviews

Worlds of Hurt: Reading the Literatures of Trauma edited by Kali Tal

Maggie Jaffe

Dismembering the Male: Men's Bodies, Britain, and the Great War by Joanna Bourke

D.A. Boxwell

James A Connelly. Three Years in the Army of the Cumberland edited by Paul M. Angle

Richard S. Keating

The Written Wars: American War Prose Through the Civil War edited by Joseph T. Cox

Elliot G. Gruner

Doing Battle: The Making of a Skeptic by Paul Fussell

Jack M. Shuttleworth

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