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Fatal Symbiosis: Modernism and World War I

Milton A. Cohen

George Gascoigne and The Spoyle of Antwerpe (1576)

William E. Sheidley

Thomas Wolfe and the Civil War

Thomas Bonner, Jr.

Writing War: John Dos Passos' One Man's Initiation

Stephen C. Enniss

Before Wars (poetry)

Wendy Bishop


Charles Clerc

Book Reviews

Virginia Woolf and War: Fiction, Reality, and Myth edited by Mark Hussey

D. A. Boxwell

Patriotic Culture in Russia During World War I by Hubertus F. Jahn

Howard Swartz

Titus Andronicus: Critical Essays edited by Philip C. Kolin

Kathi A. Vosevich

Walt Whitman's America: A Cultural Biography by David S. Reynolds

David Haven Blake

A Son at the Front by Edith Wharton

Susanne Burgess

Secret Army, Secret War by Sedgwick Tourison

Steven W. Legrand

Culture and Entertainment in Wartime Russia by Richard Stites

Howard Swartz

The Oxford Companion to World War II edited by I.C.B. Dear and M.R.D. Foot

Reporting World War II: Part One: American Journalism 1938-1944 and Part Two: American Journalism 1944-1946 by New York: Library of America

My War by Andy Rooney

James H. Meredith

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