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Flying the Old Marauder over Nazi Germans

Jim Colvert

Patriotism and Treason in A Farewell to Arms

George Monteiro

Nick Adams and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Ronald Smith

The Progress of Patriotism and Biography: The Battle of Trafalgar in Southey's The Life of Nelson

H. George Hahn

Fact, Fable, and the Fantastic: Approaches to the Novel of War in the Francophone Literature of Algeria

Sara Poole

"Whatever Else, I'd Loved It There Too": Persuasive Startegy in Michael Herr's Dispatches

Douglas Sun

The Bernard Fall Archives at the John F. Kennedy Library, Boston, MA

Leslie Holland

Healing the Soldier in White: Ceremony as War Novel

John Getz

Blackness and the Unmanning of America in Dave Rabe's Streamers

Owen Brady

"My Chickamauga" by James Hughes Meredith as an

introduction to "Chickamauga" by Ambrose Bierce 

Conversion / Killing Time in Bosnia / Paradox / Remembering Leyte: "D" Day Quintennial--June 6, 1995 (poetry)

Paul Elisha

not about war (poetry)

Tony Moffeit

Degenerate Art Show

Maggie Jaffe

Book Reviews

The Wars We Took to Vietnam: Cultural Conflict and Storytelling by Milton J. Bates

Anthony Arthur

An American Requiem: God, My Father, and the War that Came Between Us by James Carroll

Steven Liparulo

Four Years with General Lee by Walter H. Taylor and edited by James I. Robertson

Rodney Rice

Women and the War Story by Miriam Cooke

Alison Weir

aftermath: an anthology of post-vietnam fiction edited by Donald Anderson

The Other Side of Heaven: Post-War Fiction by Vietnamese & American Writers edited by Karlin, Khue, and Vu

The Vietnam War in Songs, Poems, and Stories by H. Bruce Franklin

Ellen Pinzur

Vietnam War Literature: An Annotated Biography of Imaginative Works about
Americans Fighting in Vietnam 
edited by John Newman

Walter Jones

Gentlemen Volunteers: The Story of Ambulance Drivers in the Great War,
August 1914-September 1918 
by Arlen J. Hansen

Charles Clerc

The Editor's Desk

Donald Anderson

Occasional Papers Planned, Seeking Contributors, Edward de Vere Studies

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